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To ORDER A print, please email.
Prices are as seen here.
For originals, please email.
Prints are via e-mail only. Select paintings only.* Must e-mail.

High quality Prints are on 310 gsm, 100% cotton Hahnemule William Turner Rag acid free. Made per order. No print shall exceed an edition of 100. Dimensions vary according to original. There is a one inch border for protective and framing purposes, unless otherwise requested. Comes unframed.

Turnover time for processing prints is generally 5-10 business days. Therefore, I ask that you allow a maximum delivery time of about 2-3 weeks total. For rush printing, please inquire within.

Dimensions vary based on the original image. Please incorporate the 1” border in these total dimensions.

14” - $110.
24”- $220

**Note that there is an additional shipping & handling fee for domestic/international shipping. There is a 5% sales tax incorporated in this S&H fee.
S&H will be calculated based on your shipping address. Generally, domestic shipping and handling ranges from $20-35 depending.

*International shipping*
Please note that you will be given a shipping option for independent carrier or local post. If you choose private carrier (Fedex/UPS) it should arrive within 10 business days, or less, upon shipment (not including processing time of one week), guaranteed shipping at about twice the cost of USPS (local post). If you choose local post, once it enters the customer’s country, the sender has no control over customs and that any other incurring fees for customs will fall upon the customer. They are able to hold your package as long as they want. Therefore, if the customer plans on going out of town, please specify a time in which shipment/delivery can be made where one will be at home for up to 4 weeks as this delivery may be postponed due to customs. Allow up to 4 weeks delivery for customs, although it normally takes 7-14 business days, but customs has authority to hold your package and normally does so. The sender has no control over customs. Customs will allow 15 days for you to claim your package once notified. Any unclaimed packages will be sent back to the sender, and refunds will only be given for the item, not shipping and handling. If the item is returned to sender, the customer may pay another shipping fee to have it sent back a second time. Please claim your package from customs and keep track of it with the tracking number you are provided by the sender. (Generally, USPS international is $60-90, Fedex/UPS is generally $120-180.)

*All sales are finals. Only exchanges for the exact same print will be given for damaged prints on the image, not border. Must be notified within 30 days of delivery.
*The shipping address will be the one you give. There will be no refunds for wrong addresses. If a wrong address is given, shipping will be charged again. There will be no refunds for stolen items.Please ensure the address you give has a safe delivery system.


Please e-mail for additional questions:
For select sweaters and other merchandise of paintings

To purchase a print not listed on the site, please e-mail. If you wish to purchase any original artwork, you must e-mail the artist.

Thank you so much for your support.